From waterfalls in emerald valleys to lofty mountain tops, Sri Lanka is home to some fantastic nature walks and treks. Whether you want to join the night-time pilgrimage to mighty Adam’s Peak or discover flora and fauna in the rainforest, we know just where to go if you fancy a spot of trekking or hiking in Sri Lanka.

The Central Highlands lie in the heart of the country and run in roughly a north – south orientation fro about 65km. The highlands stretch east to west for around 50km creating a heart to the middle of the country all above 2000m from the sea level. To either side of this main ridge there are further two low areas, to the west the Hatton Plateau and to the east an area centered on the city of Badulla, with gentle grassy hills crisscrossed by deep gorges. Horton Plains at an altitude of 2134 m, is a refreshing land of vegetation with much to see as you trek Baker’s Falls and the World’s End.

To the north lie the Knuckles, given the name from the shape they make against the sky line, like a set of knuckles in a clenched fist. The knuckles range is appealing for adventurous travelers, providing many great treks and hikes over the lush green mountaintops. As well as being beautiful, the area is important ecologically, the numerous micro-climates that they are created by the altitude and topography have allowed species to thrive here and nowhere else. Locally the area is known as ‘Dumbara Mitiyawatha’ meaning ‘misty valley’.

South of the central region are the Rakwana hills and are famed for Sri Padha or the famous hike Adam’s Peak standing to the north at 2243 m high from the sea level.

There are in the region of 150 rivers in the country originating in the central highland area. Needless to say in a country with dramatic drops in elevation, monsoon seasons, and deep gorges, waterfalls are common in Sri Lanka. There are 109 waterfalls in Rathnapura region and another 75 around the city of Nuwaraeliya. Water is the life blood of the island and has helped sculpt the amazing landscapes you see.

Bambarakanda,Dunhinda, Diyaluma, Bopath, Devon, St Claire, Bakers, Ramboda and Rawana waterfalls can be visited easily on a tour in Sri lanka.

The Sinharaja Forest Reserve in the southwest of the country a UNESCO World Heritage site is the country’s last viable area of primary lowland tropical rainforest. Which records the highest biodiversity and endemism in the region.

Sinharaja rain forest host many nature trails and a paradise for birds watching. Responsible tourism can make much positive influences on the conservation of these world natural heritages.

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Sri Lanka is home to all kinds of amazing nature experiences, whether you’re into hiking in the wilderness, spotting wildlife or strolling around in the...
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