Sri Lanka is one of the most biologically diverse countries in Asia, an asset reflected in her national parks and reserves, home to 92 types of mammals whose 16 are endemic to Sri Lanka such as the elephant, leopard, sloth bear, sambur, spotted deer, mouse and barking deer, porcupine, ant-eater, civet cat, giant squirrel, macaque, purple faced leaf monkey and gray langur. Yala National Park is believed to have the world’s highest density of leopards, Udawalawa National Park and Minneriya National Park are famous for elephants with latter boasting of the famed ‘great gathering’ by the water during dry season. A jeep safari will afford you the unforgettable opportunity to see some of the Island’s most celebrated living beings.

11 Days
Sri Lanka is home to all kinds of amazing nature experiences, whether you’re into hiking in the wilderness, spotting wildlife or strolling around in the...
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